About OYC

This site is no longer updated but to find out more about Oldham Youth Council and what it does please visit our new site oldhamyc.com.

What is Oldham Youth Council?

We are a group of democratically elected young people who represent the young people of Oldham.  We have up to 70 members who are aged 11 – 21 and live, go to school or work in Oldham.

What do we do?

We are involved in loads of amazing and fun activities that enable us to make a positive difference for young people in Oldham.  We work with loads of different services and organisations to make sure that young people are able to shape and influence decisions that are made that affect our lives.

We aim to…

Promote and encourage activities, events and opportunities for young people from across Oldham and encourage communication between young people and local and National Government and inform Oldham Council of young people’s views so that they can make decisions about young people more effectively.

Raise the profile of young people in a positive way.

Represent Oldham young people within national and regional initiatives, such as the British Youth Council and the United Kingdom Youth Parliament.

Work on various projects and campaigns that address a range of issues that effect the lives of young people.

To ensure we are aware of the needs of individuals or groups of young people who may experience disadvantage or are unable to speak for themselves.

Please follow us @OldhamYC or like our page  www.facebook.com/OldhamYouthCouncil


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