Oldham Youth Council Priorities 2012/13

Below are the priorities (with the initial proposals) that Oldham Youth Council will be working on over the next two years.  This is our intended direction of travel and may change as the action plans develop.

Keep watching this space to hear about events and activities that anyone can get involved in 🙂


As a youth Council we find that in all consultations we carry out Bullying is always identified as issue for young people. This includes bullying in schools, in free time and cyber bullying.

Bullying is one of the most destructive experiences that young people can face. It can have far reaching consequences on how we develop, on our life chances and more importantly on the future of our emotional and mental well being.

We feel there is already a lot of work being done locally and nationally to address this issue yet it still remains high in the list of concerns for children and young people.

We propose:

  • To link with existing work/projects and campaigns within Oldham to help with the work they are doing such as the work being led by Hulme Grammar school to establish and Anti Bullying network across Oldham.
  • To Link with the Local Safeguarding children Board’s E–Safety group – though work on the e-safety campaign and addressing Cyber Bullying – this includes reviewing the boards policies, creating information for children and young people, training for professionals, parents and Carers and Children and Young people as well as promoting and working on E –safety week.
  • That Oldham youth council will carry out further consultation work with children and young people around the issues of Bullying to find out what Oldham’s young people feel are the positive solutions to this concerns
  • That Oldham Youth council will raise awareness and promote existing help and Support mechanisms for young people affected By Bullying.
  • That a review of Anti bullying policies in schools/colleges be carried out to establish good practice and to review the effectiveness of these policies in reducing bullying and in dealing with bullying in an effective and meaningful way.
  • We believe that more should be done to target the ‘bystanders’ that is those young people who witness or know that bullying is taking place but are not the victim or the perpetrator. We feel that if we empower all young people to safely and appropriately challenge bullying this will greatly reduce instances of Bullying behaviour.  A zero tolerance approach from peers, making it unacceptable for people to get away with such behaviours

Young People and Employment

With limited job prospects, opportunities facing young people as they reach school leaving ages are inadequate and leave many young people in difficult positions. Whether leaving compulsory, higher or further education, many young people are facing tougher decisions about their future career or education prospects. We believe that young people should have access to suitable employment upon leaving education, and have the opportunity for further career progression if they are able and wish to.

Our first Job is what starts us on the road to building our positive, prosperous and safe futures, many of us are currently facing a lack of opportunities to begin our adult lives with this security. We also feel that ensuring Young people in Our borough are ready for employment and have adequate employment opportunities will contribute to the overall prosperity of Oldham as a whole.

We are also concerned that the lack of Funding to impartial careers services and schools taking over this role will lead to inconsistent and possible poor quality careers advice and guidance

We propose:

  • To Link with regional and national campaigns around youth employment currently being rolled out by Youthforia the NW regional youth forum and the British youth Council
  • That Oldham Youth Council will carry out consultation and research with local business to identify comprehensive information about what employers are looking for – we will create a resource (DVD etc) for young people informing them of this to help them when applying for jobs.
  • Work with Local businesses to encourage them to create apprenticeship opportunities and to create a film showing positive stories from businesses that have apprenticeships to help us promote these initiatives to those that don’t
  • Work with Oldham council to look at how we can increase the number of Apprenticeships available within the Oldham partnership
  • Work with Oldham Council and its partners to look at how we can provide more opportunities for young people to develop employability and the skills and abilities needed to gain employment.
  • Work with Oldham Council and its partners to look at the potential consequences that the reduction in specialist careers advice and guidance will have on young people and how we can ensure that all young people are offered consistent, expert careers advice and guidance.
  • Work with Oldham Council and its partners to look at how schools and colleges can increase the work experience offer to young people from Yrs 9 – Yrs 13. Work experience offers a range of benefits including enhancing employability; it enables young people to speak to current staff; can inform learning choices; develops interpersonal skills in an unfamiliar environment as well as giving the chance to gain experience and knowledge in the work place

I love me campaign

We are concerned that young people don’t Love themselves enough! We feel young people are losing their sense of worth and value and are vilified by the media, demonized in communities and are feeling isolated from society.

We feel that in this modern times young people face a tough challenge – bombarded with images and messages of how they should look, feel and act that are just not healthy and that are detrimental to our emotional and physical well being.

We want to create a generation of young people who have self pride, self respect, self confidence and self esteem – Young people who’s aspirations and limitless.

We feel that most negative life choices and risk taking behaviors stem from a lack of self worth, low self esteem and if we can address this issue the impact will be far reaching.

We want Oldham’s young people to Build on the Olympic legacy and be inspired to believe anything is possible – to be aspiration for themselves To Love who they are.

We propose:

  • To devise and roll out a campaign called I Love me that will encourage young people to Love themselves, to have positive self image, high self esteem and self belief. Inspired by the love where you live campaign we think young people should love who they are and in turn this self respect and self appreciation will compliment loving where we live. We want to create positive attitudinal Change.
  • To work with partner organizations to deliver a series of Workshops based on the campaign aims to enable young people to explore and develop these positive values and principles.
  • To create the I love me pledge that invites young people to Sign up and make the positive affirmation that they love themselves because list there positive attributes and to pledge to do a positive action that will further build on their positive self esteem.
  • That Oldham youth council will run a range of events, activities and workshops that promote positive behaviors and positive attitudes such as the hoodies are goodies litter pick, and I love me parade.
  • To work closely with the Local Media to promote Good News stories about young people and challenge the Negative stereotypes of young people.
  • Top promote and encourage young people to Get involved, to Help out in the local community – to do something that makes them feel good!

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