Questions for tonight

Hi All – these are the questions for tonights event – have a look at them – do some research – decide what your view is and then you are ready for the BIG debate tomorrow – Its going to be brilliant – make sure your are ready to DEBATE
Questions for Youth Council Question time event 2012

1. Last year saw the introduction of half fares on buses rather than concessionary fares for young people, at the same time EMA was removed. This has left young people facing unaffordable transport costs. Young people are unable to afford getting to school, college, work or other positive activities. How can you support us to address this issue and to ensure we have affordable transport costs?
May want to research what other authorities/cities/towns have done.
Look at the BYC and UKYP national campaigns
Think of Ideas of how this could be solved!
Why is it important to YP? Why should YP have cheaper fares?
Oldham is already part of a fairs fare campaign within Greater Manchester – research this

2. With over 1 million young people unemployed – the future isn’t looking bright for us. What is Oldham doing to ensure its young people have viable employment opportunities now and in the future?
Look at youthforia website, BYC website, UKYP website – all have active campaigns/statements on this issue?
What Help do young people need to find employment?
What are the barriers?

3. Oldham town centre is looking bleak! Many of the high streets named stores have closed down, shops are lying empty, it isn’t a place where we want to go to do our shopping and is certainly not a place that will attract people from other areas to visit – What is being done to improve the town centre and make is a bustling, busy shopping centre that is attractive to Oldhamers and those from other areas?
What would attract YP to Oldham?
Why don’t YP like the town centre?
What could we do that would bring people in?
What do yP find attractive about other town/city centres?

4. Many young people and their families have told us there are places in Oldham that they do not feel safe in, in particular the town centre after 6pm! Why do people feel unsafe in parts of our town and what can be done to ensure people are safe?
Are we unsafe or is it just a perception?
Why do YP feel unsafe?
What would make People feel safer?
What can YP do to help make these places safer?

5. Recent budget cuts have seen a reduction in facilities for young people, youth centres are open less and some voluntary organisations have had to close down, We appreciate there is now a super youth centre in Mahdlo – but not everyone can or will access this. What assurances can you give us that there will be youth and leisure facilities available for young people in our local areas?
Why is important to Have facilities in the local area?
What facilities do young people want to be able to access?
What can we do that wont increase costs to create more facilities
How can we save money but still provide facilities and why should we
How can we promote facilities better?

6. With Winter fast approaching and the abundance of road works in Oldham due to metrolink work – is Oldham prepared for the winter weather chaos that saw schools and businesses close down last year?
What affect did this have on YP?
What ideas do young people have to ensure this doesn’t happen again

7. Oldham is looking scruffy, derelict houses, boarded up shops and building, and buildings in a state of disrepair or common sites in the centre and in the local areas. We want a town to be proud of – that looks attractive – and where people are proud to live. What can be done or is being done to improve the way our town looks?
What are the particular places/sites that are scruffy?
Why are they like this?
What can YP and the community do to improve these
Why is it important that the town Looks attractive – what difference does it make.
Oldham recently won the national award for town in Bloom! How can we build on this?

8. We all volunteer our time to be youth representatives – this gives us a range of great opportunities, develops our skills and looks great on our CV’s – young people should be encouraged to volunteer in any way possible but many young people don’t know where to go or how to start. What is in place to help young people gain volunteering experience?
Why is it important to volunteer?
What volunteering opportunities do YP want?
What do young people get out of volunteering?
What does the town and its communities get out of young people volunteering?
What help and assistant do young people need to gain volunteering experience?
What would encourage young people to volunteer?

9. University is a luxury option these days, with high fees, cost of living and travel being barriers for many young people. Having the university centre Oldham is a great way to make a degree a realistic goal for young people but the offer is limited – what is being done to enhance the offer and range of courses at university Oldham and will we ever really be a University town?
Is having a university in the town important?
What are the benefits of being a university town, (attracts people in, skills up our own YP, brings people into the town to live, brings money into the town – the student pound?

10. Will the metro link really bring people into Oldham or will it just offer another route out of the town for Oldhamers?
Is the metro Link a good thing?
Have you used it – what did you think?
It is said it will attract people to live in the town as it improves access links to the city – do you agree – Why
Why would it make people leave the town?
Look at Bury and other areas – how did the metrolink affect those towns?

11. Employability is a fundamental skill that ALL young people should have – but work experience opportunities are too limited – some young people don’t even get the option at school or do one week in year 9! We would like to see work experience opportunities extended to years 9.10 and 11 and for longer periods of time. What does the panel think of this and how can we make it happen?
What were your experiences of Work experience – good or bad?
Would more work experience help you in building your skills?
What kinds of work experience would be useful?
Is work experience important – why?
How could we increase work experience

12. Oldham is a diverse town, with a mix of people from different cultures, religions and backgrounds. How are we ensuring there is understanding and harmony between all people and that Racism and other hate crimes are a thing of the past?
What are peoples experiences of Harmony or hate crimes?
Is racism an issue in Oldham – Why?
What things have been done to improve Harmony?
Do people have respect for each other?
What ideas do people have to improve this?


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