These elections will take place at the next Youth Council Meeting.

Standing for MYP ONLY we have Zack Conway, Daisy Murphy, Luke Slater.

Standing for both the MYP & DMYP role we have Dylan Mcaughey, Jessica Entwistle, Saskia Edwards.

Standing for DMYP ONLY we have Sam Flint, Laurie Hombre Fitton, Lauren Eddowes

If the above is incorrect or your name isn’t there but you want to stand let us know.  At the meeting you will have the opportunity to make a 2 minute presentation (of any format) to make your case then the Council will vote.  If you are unable to attend the meeting you do have the options of ‘face timing’ or skyping your presentation but this needs to sorted on Monday DO NOT ASK TO DO THIS ON WEDNESDAY.

Good luck to all the candidates


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