Votes at 16

Here is another Fab opportunity for youth councillors aged 15/16/17.

We are working with Oldham Theatre workshop on the theme of Votes at 16!!!! and are looking for young people to participate in a debate project – debating…..the issue of votes for 16year olds.

We are running a training residential on Monday 8th April – Tuesday 9th April at castleshaw where you will participate in fun workshops that teach you how to debate and skills for public speaking, as well as developing your opinion on the issue of….Votes at 16. after the residdential you will debate the issue of ……..votes at 16 in front of audiences of young people via school assemblies – demonstrating the for and against arguements and then asking the young people to vote if they are for or against.

You will even get an accreditation for taking part Woop Woop

The information will help Theatre workshop in devising their amazing summer show – Political Will – a drama based on the issue of…you’ve guessed it…votes at 16.

The residential is totally free and will be totally fun and amazing. Priority places are for Youth Council members ( aged 15/16/17) (sorry younger and older ones but thems the breaks) – any places not filled by Youth Councillors will be made available to theatre workshop young people so Hurry up – let me know if you want to participate in this Fantastic residential opportunity.

Vote at 16 is one of the Main Campaigns of the British Youth Council

Please comment below or email if you want a place and let us know this week  (by Friday 15th march)


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